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War In Afghanistan Has Done More Harm Than Good For Afghan People: U.N. Report Says 1 in 35 Afghans Are Now Drug Addicts

Taliban commanders in love triangle with executed Afghan woman, 22, have also been ‘put to death’

Caught in the middle of a Taliban love triangle: The moment helpless Afghan woman, 22, is gunned down ‘because two fighters couldn’t decide who could have her’

15 Afghans arrested after Taliban ‘bribed students to sneak poison into girls’ school’s drinking water’

160 schoolgirls taken to hospital after second ‘Taliban poisoning of Afghanistan school in a week’

Poisoned in the classroom: 125 Afghan girls rushed to hospital after ‘Taliban attacked school with toxic powder’

‘We have a clear path to fulfill our mission in Afghanistan’: President Obama gives TV address from Kabul on exact anniversary of bin Laden’s death (but is it just shameless electioneering?)

U.S. military NOT reporting Afghan attacks on American troops… because they only count if a soldier is killed

U.S. prepares for ‘violent backlash’ in Afghanistan after photos of American soldiers posing with bodies of suicide bombers sparks outrage

150 Afghan schoolgirls seriously ill after being poisoned in anti-education attack by Muslim extremists