Monthly Archives: February 2012

Not such upstanding citizens: Wealthy are ‘more likely to lie, cheat and break the law’

Dramatic advances in technology mean autopilot cars could be here in a decade, says Ford chief

The bright side of strife? Stress makes you see the upside of difficult situations – but that isn’t always a good thing

Just one in eight of Google users have read its new privacy policy

We’ll attack Iran without telling U.S.’: Israel to keep America in dark if it decides to launch strike on nuclear facilities

Armageddon 2040: Nasa identifies new asteroid threat which ‘could hit Earth’ in 30 years’ time – and UN teams are working out how to divert it

‘It’s a powerful message’: Dow FINALLY closes above 13,000 for first time since recession hit

Christian pastor facing death sentence in Iran for refusing to renounce his faith could be executed ‘at any time without warning’

Is the Earth cooling itself? Cloud level has fallen by 1% a year over last decade ‘in response to global warming’

HALF of Americans don’t pay income tax despite crippling government debt