Monthly Archives: May 2013

American Meteorological Society Warns Of More Destructive Tornadoes In The Future As 59 Million People In Midwest Are At Risk Tonight

Pew Research Center Finds U.S. Mothers Are Now The Primary or Only Breadwinners in Their Families In 40% of American Households

NASA Awards Grant To Systems & Materials Research Corporation, Which Is Developing The World’s First 3D Food Printer

Approximately 1 in 5 Female and 1 in 100 Male Military Veterans Were Treated For Sex Abuse In 2012 Says Department of Veterans Affairs

War In Afghanistan Has Done More Harm Than Good For Afghan People: U.N. Report Says 1 in 35 Afghans Are Now Drug Addicts

Californian Teen Eesha Khare Invents A “Supercapacitor” Which Is Capable of Charging Cell Phones In Less Than 20 Seconds

Extreme Tornadoes Wreak Havoc In Kansas and Oklahoma And Cause Extreme Weather Alert For Midwest and Southern States

Documents Demonstrate Evidence of A Benghazi Coverup By The Obama Administration State Department

Will Guantanamo Bay Prison Ever Cease Operations? Gitmo Is Still Open Despite President Obama’s Promise To Close It’s Doors

Has Human Technology Gone Too Far? Breakthrough In Stem Cell Research Raises Possibility of Cloned Babies