Monthly Archives: April 2012

London Residents May Get Anti-Aircraft Missiles on Their Rooftops to Defend the Olympic Games

Visionary research: Scientists to conduct human trials of a bionic eye that beams images directly to the brain

How to hide from Big Brother: Designer’s make-up tips on tricking face-recognition software (and still look good while doing it)

Wind turbine that conjures drinking water out of thin air offers hope to African communities

Not loving it? Young people who know TV fast-food adverts best are TWICE as likely to be obese

Feeling fried? Android app warns how much radiation your phone is blasting into you (but Apple won’t allow it for iPhone)

FDA approves drug to treat and prevent the Plague as the government scrambles to stockpile treatment for the deadly disease

Wind farms make climate change WORSE: Turbines actually heat up local areas

How Apple (legally) avoided paying BILLIONS in taxes last year alone despite their record profits

‘Forward’: Obama borrows from Chairman Mao for his new campaign slogan