Monthly Archives: January 2012

White House defends birth control rule against religious protest

U.S. Navy takes major step towards its first ‘rail gun’ – a hi-tech electromagnetic weapon that fires projectiles at 5,000MPH

Ready, fire, aim! U.S. Army’s new self-steering bullet comes with tiny fins that guide it to its target

Nearly HALF of U.S. households live just one crisis from poverty

Texas town forced to trunk in tanks of water after historic drought causes severe shortage

Bang – you’re not dead! Amazing video shows bio-engineered ‘bulletproof’ human skin reinforced with spider silk

The day it rained blue balls of jelly! Homeowner stunned as hailstorm showers his garden with weird goo

Security scare at LAX after TSA agents confuse woman’s insulin pump for gun

Stoned with tiredness: Generation of children are becoming zombies because of late-night gaming sessions, claims charity

Pentagon developing more powerful bunker buster bomb to target Iran’s ‘hidden nuclear weapons’