Monthly Archives: June 2012

Scientist invents way to keep people alive even when they can’t breathe by injecting oxygen into the blood

Government orders urgent review into Libor corruption as it emerges that Barclays had THREE chances to probe market-rigging

U.S. won’t celebrate Fourth of July with a bang as fireworks banned due to wildfires and drought

No escape from the heat: Ten dead and THREE MILLION left without power after violent storms as temperatures reach up to 117F on holiday weekend

Are we alone in the universe? And the NINE other mysteries that we all most want solved

Second inscription carved into stone staircase confirms ‘end date’ of Mayan calendar – December 21, 2012

As a cancer scare erupts over a chemical in the fizzy drink … just how safe is a can of Coke?

More than a thousand heat records broken across the U.S. in a WEEK

First spray-on battery could change home electronics forever – and might even make solar power work properly

City populations boom as young people opt against settling down in the suburbs