Monthly Archives: June 2013

Defense and Security Consulting Company, IHS, Projects China to Outpace The United States In Defense Spending By 2021

Abdallah Bin Bayyah, Deputy of Controversial Muslim Cleric Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, Had a White House Meeting with National Security Council Staff

U.S. Government Has Been Secretly Training Syrian Rebels For Months Through CIA Operatives and U.S. Special Operations Troops

European Union Food Crisis: Middle-Class Parents In Greece Leave Their Children At Orphanges To Have More Food At Home For Themselves

Another Leak From Eric Snowden: U.S. Government Has Stolen SMS Text Message Data from Chinese Telecommunication Companies

Dr. Jeff Pettis, USDA Scientist, Says Bee Apocalypse Is ‘One Poor Weather event or High Winter Bee Loss’ Away

Is This The Early Signs of Fascism? : NSA, CIA, & FBI Have Secret Agreements With Microsoft, McAfee, and Other Tech Companies For ‘National Security’

Italian Researchers Find Women And Men Drastically Differ In Symptoms For Heart Attacks, Cancer, and Liver Disease

U.S. Now Plans For Greater Military Involvement In Syria By Proposing a $50 Million a Day No-Fly Zone Over War-Torn Country

Retired Pharmacologist Dr. Stephen Ankier Discovers A 94 Year Old Member of The Nazi SS, Michael Karkoc, Still In Hiding In Minnesota