Monthly Archives: February 2013

Mystery of Dead Mobula Rays That Washed Up On Gaza Beach

Military Defense, Education, and Criminal Justice System Will Suffer Due to Federal Budget Cuts Set To Go Into Effect Thursday Night

Researchers from the University of Illinois Create Thin Flexible Batteries That Can Charge Devices Wirelessly

Pope Benedict XVI Will Change His Name To ‘Emeritus Pope’

On The Final Day of His Pontificate, Pope Benedict XVI Bids A Final Farewell To Adoring Crowds

Introducing The Golden-i Device, A Headset Computer That Will Allow Police To See Through Walls Via Infrared Technology

Britain Loses AAA Credit Rating After Moody’s Decreases Their Credit Rating to AA1

South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham Says American Drones Have Killed 4,700 People, Many Of Whom Were Innocent

NASA Says In the last 48 Hours, A Huge Sunspot Has Formed That Is ‘At Least Six Times The Diameter of Earth’

Researchers Say Cells ‘Embalmed’ in Silica Acid Can Survive Greater Temperatures and Pressures Than Normal Cells