Monthly Archives: July 2012

‘There was a good reason for killing those people, but I go through it in my head over and over and over’: US drone pilots reveal how they target insurgents in Afghanistan from a base 7,000 miles away in New York

Could Hollywood’s Minority Report become a reality? The ‘predictive policing’ anticipating crimes before they occur

Having seen the evidence, I don’t touch fizzy drinks any more. Frankly they’re evil

A Sliver of Human Brain in a Chip, and Other Organ Simulators

Beating the bulge: Scientists say ‘smart food’ could tell the brain when to stop eating

A place in the sun: Russian navy seeks to set up first base abroad since 1991 – and shortlists Cuba, Vietnam and Seychelles

Pentagon’s 30,000lb ‘super bomb’ is now ready for use – ideal for destroying the sort of deep bunkers housing Iran’s nuclear programme

July on course to be the hottest month EVER in history of America beating as it’s expected to beat out 1936 Dust Bowl record

Download entire films instantly: Google unveils world’s fastest internet connection in Kansas – 1 GIGABYTE per second

Blow for Obama as new figures show US economy slowing even further as Americans cut back on spending