Monthly Archives: October 2012

Stop giving millions in aid to richer countries like China and India, says ex-UN chief Kofi Annan

Are downloadable memories just around the corner?

Here comes Sandy! State of emergency declared across New York as Halloween ‘Frankenstorm’ roars towards East Coast

Man photographs hovering cigar-shaped UFO for over two hours as it is witnessed by thousands across three states

U.S. missile defense systems hit four of five targets in largest test in history…that cost taxpayers $188MILLION

Levels of radioactive chemical found in fish off coast of Fukushima are NOT dropping

Iran to unveil new hovercraft, missiles: Defense Minister

Secret Service officer charged with sexual assault of girl, 14

U.S. set to overtake Saudi Arabia as world’s biggest oil producer following boom in output

Real life Star Trek tractor beam developed – but it won’t be dragging space ships any time soon