Monthly Archives: September 2012

$56 million suicide prevention programme launched as study reveals more Americans take their own lives than die in car crashes

Scientists create first ‘atlas of the brain’ – and release it online so researchers across the world can unlock our mind’s secrets

Child torturers of the desert: Horrific footage reveals human traffickers are even targeting BABIES to get families to pay ransoms

From the coffee machine that can recognise its owner to the foam maker that can replicate every flavour: The gadgets that will change the way we cook forever

The fear factor: Researchers discovery technique to erase newly formed memories

Crackdown as France bans anyone from protesting about cartoons criticising Prophet Mohammad

Pakistan’s ‘Day of Love for the Prophet’ turns into a show of hatred for U.S. over anti-Islam film – with 19 dead in riots and Stars and Stripes burned and ridiculed

Fewer than one in four American teens has proficient writing skills – even when allowed spell check and computers

Spending too much time at work when the children were young is a parent’s biggest regret

Pope visits Lebanon to bring message of peace to region torn apart by protests and civil war