Monthly Archives: December 2012

Is There ‘Evil’ in All of Us?: Scientists to Study DNA of Adam Lanza To Find Genes That Lead To Aggressive Behavior, While Overlooking His Toxic Environment

The Best Defense Is An Offense: After Sandy Hook, Plan To Train and Arm School Officials Draws Fire From Gun Control Advocates

The Beginning of The Age of Robots: Engineers at University of Zurich Artificial Intelligence Lab Will Build a ‘Roboy’ To Debut in March 2013

Web Of Restriction: China Will Now Require Internet Users To Register Real Names In Order To Stifle Free Speech

Has Apple Become Rotten? : 3 Out Of Every 4 Smartphones and Tablets Sold Before Christmas Uses Google Android Software

Smart TVs are a Bad Investment: Research Finds Consumers Rarely Use Fancy Features On Smart TVs

Setting Up The Fall Guy: North Korea Being Prepped To Become the International Menace that The West Must Take Action Against

Mind Controlled Robotic Arm Gives Hope To Disabled and Paralyzed Individuals

Talk of National Gun Control After Newtown, Ct. Shooting Causes A Record Increase in Gun Sales

Orwellian Big Brother TVs Now A Reality: Hackers Raise Security Alert Over Samsung Smart TV Security Flaws