Monthly Archives: January 2013

North Korea Identifies The United States as It’s ‘Sworn Enemy’ As It Announces Further Nuclear Tests and Rocket Launches

A Group Of Investors Want To Buy The 982-acre Belle Isle From The City of Detroit For $1 Billion In Order To Establish A New U.S. Commonwealth Nation

Introducing The ‘Space Liner’, A Hypersonic Space Plane That Will Go From London To Sydney in 90 Minutes Traveling at 24x The Speed of Sound

Computer Firm IBM Unveils A New Alternative To Antibiotics, A Nanotech ‘Hydrogel’ Which Destroys Bacterial Cell Membranes

From Smart Phones To ‘Smart Shoes’: Apple Files A Patent For Shoes That Will Notify Owner When It’s Time To Buy A New Pair

Bill Gates Makes A Case For A Cashless Society, Where All Electronic Transactions Are Recorded

Buyer Beware: Many ‘Healthy Foods’ Are Contaminated By Food Additives

A New Threat On The Horizon: Department of Homeland Security Warns of ‘Cyber 9/11’

Introducing ‘Stealth Wear’: A Clothing Line Geared Towards Shielding You From Government Surveillance Technology

Thousands of Gun Owners Join ‘Guns Across America’ Rallies To Protest Obama Gun-Control Law Proposals