Monthly Archives: August 2013

Are We Close to The Collapse of The U.S. Dollar and A New World Reserve Currency?

Has Morsi and The Muslim Brotherhood Done More Harm Than Good In Egypt? In the Last Three Days, Over 700 People Have Died In Violent Riots In Cairo

Innocent 10 Year-Old Christian Girl In Egypt Was Shot Dead On Her Way Home From Bible Study Class

Video: 666 In Ancient Religions – Part 1 Truth about God, Devil, Symbols, etc.

Pew Research Study Reveals Not All Americans Support Anti-Aging and Life-Extending Medical Treatments

Researchers Say New Mothers In Urban Areas Are More Likely To Develop Postnatal Depression Than New Mothers Who Live In Rural Areas

IBM Reveals Cutting-Edge New Computer Chip Architecture That Will Allow Future PCs To Work Like The Human Brain

Iran’s New President Says “U.S. is looking for excuse” to Confront Iran Over Their Nuclear Program

NASA Warning: Sun’s Magnetic Field Is about to Flip in 3-4 Months, Which Will “Have Ripple effects Throughout the Solar System”

Survey Conducted By The Iraq Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) Reveals 45% of Veterans Know a Soldier Who Has Tried To Commit Suicide

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