Bilderberg is Only The Tip of The Iceberg – Part 1

By Eliseo Santos

Friday June 15, 2012

Last Wednesday was the 68th anniversary of D-Day arguably the most important day of the 20th Century, when thousands of brave men from the United States and other European Allied Forces stormed the thunderous beaches of Normandy, France in order to combat the menace to the world that was the Nazi or National Socialist regime. If it was not for this heroic act, the history of the world could have been very different. But is it possible from the tattered remains of the National Socialists regime, there were some cells from the Nazi cancer that survived the bloody surgical removal by the Allied forces? If so, then did these cancerous cells continue to grow unchecked spreading the tenets of National Socialism in a slow, secretive, and stealthy manner throughout the world?

If you did not hear the world’s elite politicians, business men, magnates, royalty, heads of state, central banks, and media organizations convened on Chantilly, Virginia from May 31st to June 3rd for the annual Bilderberg Conference. The Bilderberg Group was named after the location of the first conference at the Bilderberg hotel in Oosterbeek, Holland on May 29-31, 1954. Every year since then this affluent group of behind-the-scenes power-brokers have met at exotic and exclusive resorts around the world for more than just networking, but to discuss how they can influence and steer world events toward their ultimate desire of a one world government. The credit of the group’s founding is given to Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands (originally Prince Von Lippe-Biesterfeld of Germany) and Joseph Retinger. Prince Bernhard was a member of the Nazi party and later on married into Dutch Royalty. His daughter Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands has been a participant of these conferences in recent years. Joseph Retinger was educated in a Jesuit seminary early on in life before he became a major European diplomat who took an active role in influencing European politics toward the unification of Europe. Joseph Retinger was instrumental in the development of the Bilderberg group and the European movement, two groups whose immediate primary goal was to unify Europe through the increase of regional economic trade and political discussion between nations. In other words, Prince Bernhard and Joseph Retinger used covert diplomacy to carry out the goal which was unattainable by Napoleon and Hitler through brute military force, and that was to unify Europe and eventually the whole world.

The financiers and secret aristocratic supporters of the National socialist regime were the cancerous cells of the Nazi mass that survived and continued to spread National Socialism to this very day. The overarching idea of National Socialism is to entangle politicians and the leaders of the economic world (bankers, big business men, and their media counterparts ) in order to combine their efforts to attain an ideal position, where by they can elevate and separate themselves from the rest of the world for their own political and financial gain at the expense of the lives and hardship of the rest of humanity. National socialism is also known as fascism which was specifically identified with the Nazi regime and therefore it is widely assumed fascism suffered the same fate as the Nazi regime. However with the survival of the Nazi cells such as Prince Bernhard and many others, National Socialism is alive and well today through the existence and growth of such secret groups such as the Bilderberg group.

With all the aristocrats, leaders of big business and media, aspiring politicians and journalists attending these Bilderberg conferences you would expect a red carpet with wide-spread press and commotion, however knowing the intention of the Bilderberg conference, they would rather secretly walk on the rest of humanity instead of walking on a red carpet. Yes, this annual confab meet in secret as the media and general public are prohibited to be within these conferences as they discuss how they will con humanity for their financial and political gain. This is the annual meeting of the bourgeoisie and the politicians, the owners of capital and the owners of labor, which have direct influence over the global economy and the geopolitical conflagrations that may spark war. These men and women consider themselves to be demigods on earth because they wield great influence over world events.

If you are not familiar with the Bilderberg group or other secret societies such as The Council on Foreign Relations, The Bohemian Club, The Trilateral Commission, The Club of Rome, Freemasons, Knights of Malta, and The Jesuits, then start getting to know them because they certainly know you very well. To them you are a pawn, easy to manipulate because you are predictable; they know the preferences in which they condition you to prefer through popular mainstream media and entertainment. They want you easily entertained, distracted, and instantly gratified in all your immediate needs like a child, so that you don’t see or comprehend how they will swindle humanity. When it comes time in which every aspect of your life will be recorded and tied down into in a single implanted microchip, then you will have to always play by their rules or else they will deprive you of the pampering culture that we live in today. Combine this situation with a nanny state that goes to great lengths to look after all the “children” of society via various surveillance methods and intrusive measures to ensure everyone plays fairly by the rules, at the cost of your personal freedom, independence, and privacy, then you have a match made in hell.

Short Biography of William Cooper

Think this is all a huge misunderstanding? Let’s see what the elite have to say. In 1991 William Cooper published excerpts of a secret intelligence training manual entitled “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars,” in his critically-acclaimed book Behold a Pale Horse. This secret intelligence training manual highlights the covert and occult war waged against humanity by the world’s elite. Their silent weapon of choice for this war is a controlled economy that is easy to manipulate similar to controlling an electronic circuit. The training manual provides the technical aspects and mathematics (found in later copies of the training manual) involved in order for the elite social engineers to control the global economy and its people in the same manner in which an electrical engineer creates and manipulates elaborate circuitry.

The following is an excerpt from two consecutive sections of this secret intelligence training manual:

                                         Political Introduction

In 1954 it was well recognized by those in positions of authority that it was only a matter of time, only a few decades, before the general public would be able to grasp and upset the cradle of power, for the very elements of the new silent-weapon technology were as accessible for a public utopia as they were for providing a private utopia.

The issue of primary concern, that of Dominance, revolved around the subject of the energy sciences.


Energy is recognized as the key to all activity on earth. Natural science is the study of the sources and control of natural energy, and social science, theoretically expressed as economics, is the study of the sources and control of social energy. Both are bookkeeping systems: mathematics. Therefore, mathematics is the primary energy science. And the book-keeper can be king if the public can be kept ignorant of the methodology of the bookkeeping.

All science is merely a means to an end. The means is knowledge. The end is control. Beyond this remains only one issue: Who will be the beneficiary?

In 1954 this was the issue of primary concern. Although the so-called “moral issues” were raised, in view of the law of natural selection it was agreed that a nation or world of people who will not use their intelligence are no better than animals who do not have intelligence. Such people are beasts of burden and steaks on the table by choice and consent.

Consequently, in the interest of future world order, peace, and tranquility, it was decided to privately wage a quiet war against the American public with an ultimate objective of permanently shifting the natural and social energy (wealth) of the undisciplined and irresponsible many into the hands of the self-disciplined, responsible, and worthy few.

In order to implement this objective, it was necessary to create, secure, and apply new weapons which, as it turned out, were a class of weapons so subtle and sophisticated in their principle of operation and public appearance as to earn for themselves the name “silent weapons.”

In conclusion, the objective of economic research, as conducted by the magnates of capital (banking) and the industries of commodities (goods) and services, is the establishment of an economy which is totally predictable and manipulatible.

In order to achieve a totally predictable economy, the low-class elements of the society must be brought under total control, i.e., must be housebroken, trained, and assigned a yoke and long-term social duties from a very early age, before they have an opportunity to question the propriety of the matter. In order to achieve such conformity, the lower-class family unit must be disintegrated by a process of increasing preoccupation of the parents and the establishment of government-operated day-care centers for the occupationally orphaned children.

The quality of education given to the lower class must be of the poorest sort, so that the moat of ignorance isolating the inferior class from the superior class is and remains incomprehensible to the inferior class. With such an initial handicap, even bright lower class individuals have little if any hope of extricating themselves from their assigned lot in life. This form of slavery is essential to maintaining some measure of social order, peace, and tranquility for the ruling upper class, ” (Ch.1 , Pg. 39, 40).

There it is, straight from the heart and mind of those who wish to oppress us. How did you feel reading that? Did it feel good? This diabolical plan implemented by the elite has been fruitful for them for the past 58 years and in the same time span America and most of the world has suffered. America was the beacon of hope for many people across the world for social advancement but once America is averaged into world communism via National Socialism, then there will not be a country for people to flee to when the global economy hits its melting point; Due to the interconnectedness of globalization, all countries will be sensitive to deviations in the global economy. In other words, under a one world economy and government there will not be any physical escape from the financial implosion that will ultimately be felt by you, your family, your neighbors, and every member of society not affiliated with these secret elitist groups. As a consequence, you will be forced to give up your most valuable possessions: your freedom, independence, privacy, and ultimately your mind.

After reading the short excerpt, does it make sense why America is presently ranked towards the bottom of the world in math and science? Does it make sense why there are so many broken families? Does it make sense why now there are so many children born out of wedlock? Does it make sense why society has been inundated with drugs, sex, pornography, and violence from various entertainment mediums? The reason why these things have occurred is to rip the fabric that holds a society together and that is family life. The cultural and religious values imparted by individual families become apparent in a society, and once these cultural and religious values are eroded via the destruction of the family, then a nation like the United States loses its identity and becomes like every other nation on earth: indebted, enslaved, and manipulated by the international banking interests and the elitist who wish to oppress us. If it doesn’t make sense, it will start making sense the further you delve into researching these subjects.

So who were these individuals who were in “positions of authority” in 1954 to decide to carry out this plan? Well it mentions earlier on in the secret training manual, “the quiet war” was quietly declared by the International elite at a meeting held in 1954, (pg. 38). Combine this quote with the date given in the beginning of the training manual, May 1979 and the fact it mentions in several places the “25th anniversary” of this so called “quiet war” on humanity (pg. 36, and pg. 38), then in conclusion the international elite that met in May 1954 were in all likelihood none other than the Bilderberg group who had their first meeting May 1954. As shown earlier Prince Bernhard was one of the credited founders of the Bilderberg group and was also a member of the Nazi party and as a result of this Nazi cell and others, the Nazi cancer has continued to spread inside within the global body politic up to this very day via the Bilderberg group.


Behold A Pale Horse , By William Cooper, Light Technology Publishing, 1991

Various Bilderberg Meeting Reports from

1. Bilderberg Meeting Report – 1955

2. Bilderberg Meeting Report – 1956

3. Bilderberg Meeting Report – 1957

4. Bilderberg Meeting Report – 1958

5. Bilderberg Meeting Report – 1960

6. Bilderberg Meeting Report – 1963


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