‘They treat her like she’s Osama bin Laden’: Family’s outrage as TSA pats down their daughter, SEVEN, who is mentally handicapped and has Cerebral Palsy


  • Dina Frank, seven, forced to undergo ‘lengthy’ pat-down from ‘overly aggressive’ TSA agent at JFK Airport
  • Family requested that TSA agent introduce himself and take his time
  • TSA manager finally let family go through security but family missed flight

By Daily Mail Reporter

PUBLISHED: 19:22 EST, 25 April 2012 | UPDATED: 19:44 EST, 25 April 2012

One Long Island family was looking forward to a relaxing trip to sunny Florida.

But that trip screeched to a halt when a TSA agent in New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport targeted and searched the family’s disabled seven-year-old daughter, who suffers from cerebral palsy.

Little Dina Frank could not walk through the metal detectors because of her crutches and orthotics, and was instead subjected to a pat down by security agents – a severely traumatic event for the young girl.

Dr Joseph Frank, a doctor who practices pediatrics on Long Island, exclusively told the Daily that the lengthy pat down and resulting emotional trauma caused the family to miss their flight to Florida.

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Checkpoint: Dina Frank, seven, was forced to undergo a pat-down at JFKCheckpoint: Dina Frank, seven, was forced to undergo a pat-down at JFK Airport


Dina Frank.
Dina Frank.

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U.S. Rep. Francisco CansecoRep. Francisco Canseco says he was inappropriately touched during a TSA pat-down

Rep. Francisco Canseco, R-Texas, claims he was assaulted during a routine pat-down at the San Antonio International Airport in Texas. The congressman called the TSA agent ‘aggressive,’ adding: ‘He was patting me down where no one is supposed to go,’ according to KENS5.

When the congressman moved the TSA worker’s hand away, the agent stopped the search and brought in supervisors, he said.

The TSA told KENS5 that neither man was cited in the incident.

‘She’s not a threat to national security,’ the outraged father told the iPad news publication.

Because of a reported mental illness, the family requested that the TSA agents introduce themselves to her and take their time with the pat-down.

Dr Frank said the TSA agent on duty at JFK Monday was unnecessarily aggressive with Dina, and so he began filming the inspection on his iPhone.

He said one of the TSA employees began screaming at him to turn the camera off, and threatened him.

Later, a supervisor eventually decided that a simple inspection of Dina’s crutches was sufficient, and let the family pass.

The Daily reported that the family had to wait for more than an hour for a manager told them that the TSA’s inspection of Dina was acceptable and they could proceed to the gate.

The family hurried down to their gate with Dina in a wheelchair, hoping to make their flight.

However, the commotion at the security checkpoint, combined with the excruciating wait, had eaten up too much time, though, and the Frank family missed their flight.

The government agency launched a program in December of last year called ‘TSA Cares’ that is supposed to assist those with mental and physical disabilities.

Their website reads: ‘TSA strives to provide the highest level of security while ensuring that all passengers are treated with dignity and respect.’

The helpline number offers support to those who are travelling with people who have certain medical issues, physical limitations, or mental handicaps.

The TSA did not respond to calls or emails from MailOnline requesting comment.

There is some good news in all of this – Dina was able to take her first unassisted steps following a revolutionary procedure where Botox and phenol are injected into her muscles.

As CBS New York reported, Dina gets injections twice a year at New York Presbyterian.

Phenol is an alcohol often used for chemical peels while Botox is famously used to fight wrinkles.

Happy ending: By getting Botox injections in her muscles twice a year, Dina is able to walk without crutches or a wheelchairHappy ending: By getting Botox injections in her muscles twice a year, Dina is able to walk without crutches or a wheelchair

Departure: The Frank family was flying out of New York's JFK International AirportDeparture: The Frank family was flying out of New York’s JFK International Airport, destined for sunny Florida


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