Putting the shoe on the other foot: How the so-called Cinderella complex is all but dead after women are found to value careers more than men do


By Kristie Lau

PUBLISHED: 17:33 EST, 20 April 2012 | UPDATED: 17:33 EST, 20 April 2012

It seems that women in the U.S. are standing on their own two feet more than ever before.

A new study based on two surveys conducted by a Washington-based research center has shown that 66per cent of American women aged between 18 and 34 consider a high-paying career to be a top priority in life, compared to the 59per cent of men that do.

The Pew Research Center has suggested that the popular ‘Cinderella complex,’ which refers to the so-called unconscious female desire to being cared for, may be disappearing.

Reversal: Women place more importance on a high-paying career than men do, according to a new study. It spells the end of the once-popular Cinderella complex

Despite the noted growth in career, it was also found that 94per cent of women believe being a good parent is also crucial.

While it is unclear how many men and women had been interviewed during the surveys, the two were conducted in January 2010 and December 2011.

The results are very different to the organisation’s 2007 findings, which showed that 58per cent of men in the U.S. value a high-paying career as a top priority compared to a low 56per cent of women.

The study also showed a big jump in older women’s priorities also. It found that 42per cent of women aged between 35 and 64 consider career-related financial success a high priority. This is compared to the 1997 finding, which was only 26per cent of women.

Marriage has proved to be extremely important to women also. The study found that 84per cent of women believe a healthy marriage is important.

It seems that the new-found importance on career has not come at the expense of one’s home life.

The study also noted that women made up 46.7per cent of the workforce in 2010. It is a far cry from the findings of 1970 that showed that only 38.1per cent of women made up the labour force.


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